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We are located in St. John's, Newfoundland and have been in operation since 1991. We are an independant, Newfoundland owned and operated company. We specialize in innovative solutions to problems associated with lack of storage space in heritage and modern homes, Creative Closets has become the premier supplier to home builders and renovators in the local region. Creative Closets and Doors is also called on by the commercial sector and industry builders to facilitate the incorporation of space saving units. A second area of expertise is the supply and installation of sliding, mirror, and bi-fold doors. 

Creative Closets has produced work for the Provincial Government, the Health industry and have supplied major contracts for large companies around the province, as well as other parts of the Atlantic Region.

Creative Closets and Doors produce everything in their plant using skilled workers who are accustomed to dealing with clients and their individual tastes. We have the nessecary resources to ensure that nothing is sub-contracted out. Creative Closets supply a STANDARD seven year warranty, giving you peace of mind.


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